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Virtual Reality enables the experience of simulated and artificially created environments. By using highly immersive VR technology and interaction possibilities, the feeling of being nearly completely submerged in the presented situation is achieved. This opens up possibilities that are difficult to realise in the real world, such as:

  • Simulation of dangerous or only at high expenses realizable situations
  • Behavioral training with controllable gradations and any number of repetitions
  • Assessment and inspection of complex facilities using 3D-visualization for planning and demonstrations
  • Acquisition of behavioral data and perfect control of the situation with high ecological validity in empirical research. More information in the (german) article Virtual Reality in Psychological Research as well as also the information portal CyberSession.Info ››.

VT+ Virtual Reality Therapy Systems for Inpatient and Outpatient Facilities

  • Clinically applicable complete VR systems with scientifically evaluated scenarios
  • Interactive and individually controllable exposure and behavioral exercises for anxiety and addiction.
  • Instruction, maintenance and support included
  • Developed for therapists by an experienced team of clinical psychologists, licensed behavioral therapists, neuroscientists, and human-technology interface experts
Virtual Reality Therapy for Inpatient and Outpatient Facilities - VTplus(C) Virtual Reality Exposure Systems.

VT+ Virtual Reality Therapy Systems enable the use of highly immersive virtual scenarios for confrontation and behavioral exercises. Scenarios that are indicated to be performed in reality, but are not available or not possible there, within the inpatient clinical or outpatient therapeutic facility. The system contains predefined virtual environments with possibilities for behavioral exercises, which are controlled by the practitioner via a uniform closed user interface in order to create individual treatment situations, to adapt these in a graduated manner and to be able to repeat them at will. The system includes exercises for fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of flying, claustrophobia, social interactions, fear of lectures or job interviews, and exercises for tobacco addiction, among others.
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Virtual Reality Research Systems

VR-Research Systems by VTplus enable reliable VR data collection with high internal validity. VT+ VR simulation software supports head-mounted displays and multi-channel projection systems. For research users VTplus offers specialized software for the use of virtual reality, as well as the development of virtual scenarios and individual development services. For individual requirements, VTplus creates interactive virtual environments, real-time 3D models and special effects to effectively represent the desired real-life situation in virtual reality.

With VTplus Virtual Reality (VR) research systems, you receive VR systems individually assembled according to your requirements for creating and conducting your own VR studies. Our offers include:

  • VR simulation software and creation tools
  • VR technology (simulation, tracking, projection)
  • Support (users, developers, hardware)

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Development of virtual environments

VTplus creates virtual environments, models, and special effects to effectively represent real-world situations.

  • Creation of high-quality materials (textures)
  • Creation of detailed models
  • Design and modeling of environments
  • Studies on effectiveness and presence

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