VR Therapy with VTplus

Virtual Reality for Healthcare - Digital Medical Technology Innovations

VTplus offers user-friendly VR systems for virtual reality therapy to inpatient clinical or outpatient therapeutic providers, as well as software and systems for VR research.

Virtual reality therapy (VRT) turnkey systems for clinics and practices

VT+ Virtual Reality Therapy systems offer individually controllable exposure and behavioral exercises for anxiety, addiction, and social skills and stress management training. The systems contain interactive exercises in VR, including for nicotine addiction, fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of flying, claustrophobia or social fears such as fear of lectures, job interviews, social interactions with fellow human beings.

Virtual reality systems and solutions for empirical research

VT+ VR research systems enable reliable experimentally controlled data collection with high internal validity using virtual reality. VT+ VR simulation software supports head-mounted displays and multi-channel projection systems. VT+ VR systems are successfully used to conduct scientific studies, including in the fields of pharmacological efficacy, psychology, psychosomatics, neurology, psychotherapy and psychiatry, and safety research.

R&D Services

VTplus provides Research Services using VR and creates highly effective Virtual Environments and VR simulations for use in application fields such as education, training or individual research questions.

The offers from VTplus are aimed at businesses and research institutions.
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