Virtual Reality Research Systems

VTplus offers virtual reality (VR) simulation systems and VR lab equipment that can be individually assembled according to your requirements. The systems include VR simulation software, the required VR technology and professional support.        Virtual Reality Research Systems are particularly suitable for the use of virtual reality (VR) in empirical research. The offer is especially aimed at researchers in the psychological, psychiatric and psychotherapeutic fields. Application examples with selected research projects and publications are presented on the information portal CyberSession.Info › under Empirical Research with VR ›.

Experiment control and VR simulation software CyberSession

The VR simulation software CyberSession enables the execution and control of VR simulations for behavioral exercises and empirical studies. CyberSession is available in two variants: CS-Research and CS-Expo.        Lab systems include a software toolkit that covers the complete workflow from creating interactive virtual experiments to conducting data collection.

  • Provides support for highly immersive VR via head-mounted display, PowerWall and CAVE projection.
  • Programmable graphical user interface to control the experimental procedure and controlled sequences
  • Storage of extensive VR simulation data, or output via LSL for further processing
  • Interrogation of external devices for trial sequencing, such as TR pulse controlled fMRI studies.
  • Control of external devices, such as. stimulus generators

VR technology and peripherals

We provide you with individually tailored technology for use with CS-Research for a fully functional VR lab. For this purpose, we cooperate with renowned partners, manufacturers and distributors.

  • VR technology
    • Head-mounted displays
    • Tracking systems, head tracking, object tracking
    • Eyetracking
    • Interaktionsmöglichkeiten
    • Simulationshardware: preconfigured and certified technology for simulation calculation
  • Peripheral Physiology
    • Recorder and accessories for measuring EEG, ECG, EDA, EMG, respiratory rate

User and developer support

The following support options are offered:

  • User support for the use of the simulation system
  • Technical support, optionally with on-site service
  • System instruction and user training
  • Developer support: to handle individual VR content creation and programming questions, including remote support upon request.

Information for users of the VTplus VR research systems

When conducting studies on humans, the relevant recommendations, guidelines or regulations in the respective applicable versions must be complied with. Prior to the start of a study, a positive vote of the responsible ethics committee is required, or a letter from the responsible authority stating that no ethics vote is required.