VR Therapy Systems

Virtual Reality Systems for clinical therapeutic providers

VTplus Virtual Reality Therapy Systems allow confrontation and behavioral exercises for psychotherapeutic interventions for situations where the implementation is not available or possible in reality.

VT+ VR-Therapy Systems are designed for use in inpatient clinical or outpatient therapeutic settings. Therapists are thus given the opportunity to perform simple and well-controlled exposure exercises, e.g. to support the therapy of anxiety, as well as behavioral exercises with their patients. This enables the gold standard in the treatment of anxiety disorders – as recommended by S3 guideline for the treatment of anxiety disorders ›› when confrontation in the real situation is not feasible.

VT+ VR-Therapy Systems are developed by an experienced team of clinical psychologists, licensed behavioral therapists, neuroscientists, and human-technology interface experts. The systems are easy to use due to a system- and exercise control specifically designed for therapists. 

VTplus(C) Expositionssysteme mit virtueller Realität: Therapie mit Virtueller Realität für stationäre und ambulante Einrichtungen.

Additional equipment options include eye-tracking, integration of an additional touch-screen data acquisition computer, and storage of research data.

Interactive Virtual Environments for confrontation and behavioral exercises

VTplus exposure systems contain interactive virtual environments with a variety of options for behavioral exercises, which can be graduated in terms of intensity and repeated at will. The system includes exercises on fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of flying, claustrophobia, social interactions, fear of lectures or job interviews, among others. The system is controlled via a uniform closed touchscreen user interface.

Virtuelle Umgebungen für Konfrontations- und Verhaltensübungen mit virtueller Realität

The virtual scenarios are three-dimensional and interactive computer simulations which the therapist can control in detail depending on the course of the therapy exercise. The patient experiences them with the help of VR/3D video goggles with stereoscopic image presentation and headphones – and can interact with the virtual environment both through body movement and via interaction controller.

The virtual environments developed and scientifically validated by VTplus offer confrontation and behavioral exercises with multiple, interaction and variation possibilities. The scenarios can be used with the VR exposure systems VT+ExpoCart2 / VT+ExpoCart3 as well as with the VR research systems such as VT+Lab / HMD / PowerWall / CAVE.

Benefits from confrontation and behavioral exercises with virtual reality

  • Complete and detailed control of the situation by the therapist
  • Freely repeatable and individually gradable exposure steps
  • Exercises independent of weather and environment without additional preparation effort
  • Exercises in varying and individually adaptable contexts
  • Extensive documentation of virtual situations for preparation
  • Lower barrier to entry for virtual confrontation exercises
  • Treatment of anxiety disorders by confrontation with virtual reality recommended if in vivo exposure is not possible
    see: S3 guideline on the treatment of anxiety disorders ››

VTplus VR therapy system offers for inpatient or outpatient facilities

  • A fully customized and easy-to-use complete VR system
  • Individually controllable virtual environments with a variety of behavioral and confrontational exercises
  • Simple to operate thanks to a system and exercise control unit specially developed for therapists
  • Scientifically evaluated usability and practicality
  • Incl. system maintenance, software maintenance and support
  • Incl. setup and instruction for operators
  • Developed for therapists by an experienced team of clinical psychologists, licensed behavioral therapists, neuroscientists, and human-technology interface experts
  • Model VT+ExpoCart2 especially suitable for inpatient facilities
  • Model VT+ExpoCart3 optimized for outpatient VR therapy
  • Optional: eye tracking, research data collection
  • Optional: creation or augmentation of virtual environments, implementation of individual research paradigms

Are you interested in using virtual reality in your clinic or practice?

We would be happy to advise you on VR systems that can be used therapeutically, possible applications, acquisition costs, financing and leasing offers, and training opportunities. We are at your disposal by phone, email or contact form.

For more information on the applications and on scientific studies, please visit the information portal CyberSession.Info ›› under Therapy with Virtual Reality ››.

VTplus GmbH Service

The system offerings of VTplus are completed with extensive service offerings.

  • Purchasing advice
  • Financing / leasing
  • Instruction / application support / support
  • User training and training courses
  • Warranty extension / electronics insurance
  • Maintenance / safety inspection

Other uses of VT+ VR systems:

VTplus VR complete systems can also be used for training or coaching as well as for empirical research ranging from fundamental to therapeutic research. We would be happy to advise you on other possible uses of virtual reality.