Research and Development

As a collaborating partner VTplus is happy to help with solutions to individual questions concerning applied science as well as the development of customized solutions. We provide you with years of experience in conducting empirical research with the help of virtual reality as well as an established scientific background. We guarantee scientific accuracy using the excepted rules of engineering.

To professionally implement your projects we offer upon request:

  • Administration via a project and communication system
  • A versioning system (SVN or Git Project with Wiki)

We are happy to advise you on the possibilities of implementing your research question.

Research Services

  • Implementation of experimental paradigms to conduct highly standardized and automated empirical studies.
  • Design and execution of VR-studies.

Development Services

  • VR-application development
  • Individual expansion of the VR-simulation software CS-Research
  • Development of individual VR-contents (Modeling, Animation) and virtual environments
  • Development of VR-solutions and support