Research Services

Virtual Reality enables the conduct of complex yet controlled empirical studies of human behavior and experience with high internal validity. The use of virtual reality enhances established research paradigms with ecologically more valid presentation and interaction possibilities. It also enables the investigation of new research questions, especially concerning the fields of psychology, psychiatry and neurology. Using a VR-simulation one controls every aspect of the presentation and simultaneously acquires behavioral data of the study participant in VR.

We ensure the observance of scientific diligence by applying the established rules of technology. When carrying out investigations on humans, the relevant recommendations, guidelines and regulations in the currently valid versions are observed.

For the professional implementation of projects we provide on request:

  • Management via project and communication system
  • Versioning system (SVN or Git project with wiki)

We will be pleased to help you to consider the implementation options for your specific application.

Research Services

  • Use of virtual worlds to conduct empirical research
  • Realization of experimental paradigms for conducting highly standardized and automated empirical studies
  • Design and implementation of VR studies

Development Services

  • VR application development
  • individual extensions of the VR simulation software CS-Research
  • Development of individual VR content (modeling, animation) and virtual environments
  • Development and support of VR solutions

Laboratory Equipment

        offers the laboratory equipment with the necessary software and hardware for the use of virtual reality and the implementation of experimental paradigms.

VT+ development package – implementation of experimental paradigms

With this offer we realize the implementation of your experimental design in virtual reality. You benefit from our experience in the creation of VR experiments and – if desired – the supervision of scientific studies with VR.

This service includes:

  • advising on the design of the VR paradigm in terms of feasibility and effectiveness.
  • the construction of the VR scenery (scenario creation with modeling and lighting).
  • programming of the experiment design.

We will gladly advise you on the implementation possibilities and questions of feasibility.

In the following article, the use of  virtual reality in psychological research explained.

Application of Viral Reality in Empirical Research

Information on the application fields VT+ VR systems with virtual reality in empirical research can be viewed in the CyberSession.info ››  information portal. Publications are listed subdivided by the following research areas: