Virtual Environments

VTplus develops virtual worlds / environments, models and special effects for the effective depiction of real situations in virtual reality.

  • Creation of high-quality materials (textures, sounds)
  • Creation of detailed models
  • 3D environment design and modeling
  • Investigation of efficacy and presence upon request

VTplus has extensive experience in creating and evaluating virtual environments for use in therapy research. Virtual environments developed by VTplus in combination with the VT+VR simulation and experiment control software CyberSession are used by research institutions, university hospitals, university outpatient clinics and universities as well as in several collaborative research projects.

Use cases of individually created VR simulations and behavioral exercises include:

  • Anxiety induction
  • Stress Induction
  • Safety Research
  • Resilience Training
  • Social Skills Training
  • Employee Training
  • Application Situations

        offers virtual reality laboratory systems for use in empirical research. The use of VTplus VR systems is described under „Virtual Reality in Psychological Research“ and other articles of the VR-Blog.