Facilities with VT+ VR therapy treatment programmes (excerpt)

VR therapy research users (extract)

VR simulations and VR paradigms in the context of research projects

VTplus VR simulation systems are used in psychological research at locations including:

In addition, selected treatment facilities ›› with VTplus exposure systems are listed on the CyberSession information portal ››. Published studies of users of VTplus VR solutions are listed according to research areas: anxiety research ››, therapeutic research, safety research ››, neurophysiological research ›› , further experimental psychological research with Virtual Reality ››.

VTplus press mentions

Numerous press and media reports, newspaper articles and TV features on VR innovations, developments of virtual reality in healthcare and VR therapy research projects can be found in the VTplus press review.

VR research at the University of Würzburg

At the Department of Psychology I of the University of Würzburg, the VR simulation system is used by the research groups for Biological Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy ›› sowie Experimental Clinical Psychology ›› in five VR labs. The system is used to operate a fear of flying and driving simulator with motion simulation, a PowerWall lab, and a five-sided CAVE. Selected VR studies are presented on the following VR VR project page ››.

VR research at the University of Regensburg

At the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the University of Regensburg ››, the VR simulation system is used to optimize empirical research in the research areas of clinical psychology, psychotherapy, and security research.

VR Therapy Research at the University Outpatient Clinic for Psychotherapy of the University of Würzburg

The University Outpatient Clinic for Psychotherapy uses virtual worlds developed at the University of Würzburg in conjunction with the simulation system „CS-Research“ to support anxiety therapy, in particular in the treatment of fear of flying with a motion simulator. Further information can be found on the pages of the University Outpatient Clinic ››.

VR research at Münster University Hospital

The Anxiety and Depression Research Group, headed by Prof. Dr. Arolt, uses the VR simulation system for research into new therapy methods and basic research using virtual reality. Among other things, the system is used in the therapy study ›› „Physiological reactions in virtual reality for height phobia“ as well as in SFB-TRR58 ›› Projekt C09 – „SPIDER-VR“ ››.