VTplus is the market-leading provider of highly integrated VR simulation systems for confrontation and behavioral exercises for the treatment of mental and behavioral disorders, as well as for conducting scientific studies with virtual reality.
The range of services includes design and consulting for VR systems, body sensors, simulation software and interactive VR content, as well as project management and project realization.

VT+ VR exposure systems enable the use of highly immersive virtual scenarios for confrontation and behavioral exercises that are indicated to be performed in reality, but are not available or possible within the inpatient clinical or outpatient therapeutic setting.

VTplus was founded as a spin-off of the Chair of Psychology I at the University of Würzburg. Our interdisciplinary team consists of psychologists, psychotherapists, computer scientists, graphic and media designers. VTplus has many years of experience in the application and evaluation of virtual reality as well as system development. The company is managed by Mathias Müller.

VTplus covers the application fields of medical therapy applications and rehabilitation applications of neurological disorders using the example of stroke therapy and the treatment of chronic pain.

The application possibilities of the         VR solutions are regularly presented at events such as workshops and congresses.

In our weblog you can follow current developments on VR applications. The VR blog presents individual studies with images, videos and further information.

VTplus has extensive experience in creating and evaluating virtual environments for use in therapy research. Virtual environments developed by VTplus in combination with the VT+VR simulation and experiment control software CyberSession are used by numerous university hospitals, university outpatient clinics and universities as well as in several collaborative research projects (see references and CyberSession.Info | Empirical research using virtual reality ››).

VTplus strives for scientifically sound solutions for the advancing digitalization in medicine and healthcare. For this purpose, we cooperate with renowned scientific and industrial partners. An overview of the collaborative research projects can be found under Research and Development. News and reports on collaborative research can be found in the news archive under Research and development reports.

Media reports, newspaper articles and TV features on VTplus VR innovations can be found in our press review.

Further information on Exposure exercises with virtual reality ›› as well as on Empirical research using virtual reality ›› is provided by the information portal CyberSession.Info ››.