When planning a VR system, a variety of factors have to be considered. These include the selection of technical tools and equipment and the required software. The level of knowledge of the users of the system must also be taken into account, with regard to the creation of virtual scenarios, the programming of experimental sequences, data collection and any data preprocessing that may be necessary for inferential statistical evaluation.

We put our many years of experience at your disposal and can advise you:

  • when planning a VR lab or a new VR system
  • with the selection of software and hardware components for a VR system
  • on features of the simulation software solutions
  • With the possibilities to create interactive VR-contents
  • on the use of peripheral physiological measurement technology in conjunction with VR
  • on the design and conception of experimental studies using virtual reality

We would gladly assist you in the planning of a virtual reality laboratory.

Research projects using virtual reality with the help of CyberSession and solutions of VTplus GmbH as well as a selection of publications are presented on the CyberSession.Info portal page › under Empirical Research with VR ›.