Technical Support

If technical support is needed or warranty issues arise you can contact us via Request Form or e-mail us at support@vtplus.eu. Our support team will react to your request within 24 hours. The response time for our on-site service (VOS) depends on the service agreements.


Service Levels:

Pickup: If there is a defect within in the guarantee period, the device can be set back to VTplus via return order as part of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Bring-In: If there is a defect within in the guarantee period, a return can be ordered (shipping costs must be paid) or the device can be picked up at a service-point upon agreement. Returns and deliveries must be announced via Support-Messages.

User Support

Questions concerning the application of the simulation systems, the use of the VrSessionMod, the generation of MOD-content and the programming of experimental procedures can be asked via Request Form or an e-Mail to support@vtplus.eu. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found under: FAQ (German FAQs)

Following information is available in the password protected area for registered users:

  • Wiki:User-Manual
  • Wiki:Reference-Manual
  • Wiki:Tutorials
  • Information concerning Software-Updates: Changelog

VR-Developer Support

This option includes assistance with individual VR-developments (programming, modeling) provided by experienced VR-developers. Assistance may be accessed over a one-year period. The consumption of the included time quota is charged transparently. Additionally following services are provided within the one-year period.

  • Access to the latest version of the VTplus model selection.
  • Remote-Support Tool for mutual access to the Developer-PC: Remote-Support Login (on request only)
  • Project communication tool: Project-Login
  • VR-scenario version control system (SVN or Git) for a private project (Project-Archive Login)


We recommend the use of these options for a research team if:

  • there is no employee with experience in VR-development available
  • VR-developers want to use the continuously enhanced model archive
  • VR-contents (model sources, virtual environments, scripts) are developed audit-proof at multiple work stations or with multiple employees