Virtual Reality Research System VT+Lab

VTplus offers virtual reality (VR) simulation systems and VR-laboratory equipment arranged according to individual requirements. The systems contain VR-simulation software, the required VR-technology and competent support. VT+Lab systems are especially suited for the application of virtual reality in empirical research. The offer is directed particularly at researchers in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy.

VR-Simulation Software

The VR-simulation software CS-Research enables the implementation and control of the simulation. VR+Lab systems contain a software toolkit, covering the complete workflow starting with the construction of interactive virtual experiments to the implementation of data collection.

VR-Technology and Periphery

We provide you with technology which is individualized and designed for the use in CS-Research for a fully operational VR-laboratory. In addition we cooperate with renowned partners, manufacturers and distributors. 

  • VR-Technology
    • Head-Mounted Displays
    • Tracking systems, Head tracking, Object tracking
    • Eye tracking
    • Possibilities for interaction
    • Simulation Hardware: preconfigured and certified technology to compute the simulation
  • Peripheral Physiology
    • Recorder and equipment to measure EEG, ECG, EDA, EMG, respiratory frequency


Following support options are offered:

  • User support for the application of the simulation systems
  • Technical support, optionally with on-site service
  • System introduction and user training
  • Developer Support: to answer individual questions concerning the VR-content creation process and programming. If requested also via remote support.