VTplus Virtual Reality Simulationsystems are used for psychological research at the following institutions:

VR-research at the University of Würzburg

Different research groups of the department for Psychology I at the University of Würzburg, including biological psychology, clinical psychology and psychotherapy as well as experimental clinical psychology use the VR-simulation system in five VR-laboratories. The system is used to run a fear of flight and driving simulator, a powerwall laboratory and a five-sided CAVE. The VR-project site presents selected VR-Studies.

VR-research at the University of Regensburg

The Department for clinical psychology and psychotherapy at the University of Regensburg the VR-simulation system is used to optimize empirical studies concerning the research areas clinical psychology, psychotherapy and security research.

VR-Therapy at the University Outpatient Clinic for psychotherapy of the University of Würzburg

The University Outpatient Clinic for psychotherapy makes use of virtual worlds developed at the University of Würzburg combined with the simulation system “CS-Research” to support the anxiety therapy, especially when treating fear of flight using a motion simulator. Further information can be found on the website of the University Outpatient Clinic.

VR-research at the University Hospital Münster

The research group anxiety and depression headed by Prof. Dr. med. P. Zwanzger uses the VR-simulation system to investigate new therapy methods as well as fundamental research with the help of virtual realities.

Among other things the system is used in the therapy study „Physiologic reactions of patients with fear of heights in a virtual reality”.

VR-Simulation and VR-Data Collection in the context of research projects


Several studies have been carried out using the VR-simulation system. On the following pages you will find selected publications und an overview of relevant literature. Possible applications of VT+ VR-systems in research and therapy are presented regularly at events (such as workshops and conventions).