VR-Simulation Hardware

For the use of virtual reality simulations we offer pre-calculated as well as individual simulation and visualization solutions.

A certified simulation system, consisting of simulation and rendering units is available for the use of the VR-simulation software CS-Research. The simulation system includes components optimally coordinated to the use of VR-simulations and will be delivered pre-installed and tested.

VT+ Lab simulation system

The basic version of the VT+ simulations system (usable with a HMDO) consists of 2 units. For the use of multichannel systems with distributed rendering we offer individual system configurations.

The VR-simulation unit is connected to the metrology, calculates the VR-simulation data and communicates with other connected technology. The unit contains interfaces, memory space for the VR-data and a backup drive. The VR-rendering unit executes the graphic and sound display and is controlled by the VR-simulation unit.


  • Preinstalled system with VTplus VR-simulation software depending on the license
  • Including interfaces to support the CS-Research I/O Features
  • Including accessories to control the rendering unit from the experimenters workplace
  • Including an option for data backup
  • On-site commissioning with VT+ software and specified VR-technology
  • 3 year warranty with on-site service, optional for 48 or 60 months
  • CE certified according to: EN 60950-1 :2006+A11 :2009, EN 61000-3-2 :2006, EN 61000-3-3 :1995+A1 :2001+A2 :2005, EN 55022 Klasse B:2006, EN 55024 :1998+A1 :2001+A2 :2003, GS

VT+ Image Generator
The simulation system contains hardware components coordinated for the use of the VR-simulation software CS-Research. By preinstalling all rendering modules an optimal configuration of the system can be guaranteed. The system enclosure consists of an aluminum tower to store high performance components.
Due to the systems setup with a rotated mainboard the airflow is directed from the base to the lid, enabling an outstanding cooling capacity. For cooling purposes 3x180mm fans are installed. All ventilation holes contain removable filters. All connections can be found on the upper side of the casing and are protected by a removable cover. The wires can be lead out under the cover on the rear side

Individual Simulation and Visualization Solutions

Depending on the individual case we offer solutions consisting of workstation and server technology or high-end-gaming components.

Warranty and On-Site Service

The computing technology provided by us includes a 36 month-warranty with on-site service and a response the following workday (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., except on holidays). Warranty and on-site service are available for up to 60 months upon request.

Hardware and service from one source

The VT+ simulation hardware is produced by one of the leading German IT providers, the bluechip AG. VT+ provides an additional service as a contracting partner of the bluechip AG. If service support is required the nationwide service network of the bluechip AG is available.