Experiment Development

Virtual reality enables the execution of complex and as well as controlled empirical studies of human behavior and experience with high internal validity. The application of virtual reality enhances the established research paradigms to include ecologically more valid presentation and interaction opportunities. It also enables the investigation of new research questions, especially concerning the fields of psychology, psychiatry and neurology. Using a VR-simulation one controls every aspect of the presentation and simultaneously acquires behavioral data of the study participant in VR.

VTplus offers the laboratory equipment with the required software and hardware to use virtual reality and implement experimental paradigms.

VT+ development services– Implementation of experimental paradigms

With this service we are able to implement your experimental design in virtual reality. You can benefit from our experience in generating VR-experiments and – if requested – the supervision of scientific studies with VR.

These services include:

  • Consultation during the conception of the VR-paradigm in terms of feasibility and efficacy
  • The construction of the VR-scenarios (scenario-generation including modeling and lighting)
  • Programming the experiment design


We are happy to advise you on implementation possibilities and questions concerning feasibility.

The use of virtual reality in psychological research is illustrated in the following article.